What if? Campaign Poster

In today’s society people who have the ability to drink a fresh glass of water, turn on a light any time of day, or fill up a car with gas never sit and wonder what if they didn’t have these luxuries as their every day life. Well I have. Hello my name is Charnetta Winston. I am currently a student at the Art Institute of Washington in my senior year. As I was presented with this project, I thought to myself how would people in the US, as well as other civilized countries across the world, feel if they didn’t have one important resource need to survive; clean water. Water is the most used resource that we have. Water is use to clean, bathe; enjoy record-breaking hot day and most importantly to survive.

So what if you didn’t have fresh water to make it through your everyday life? What would you do? How would you handle it? With those questions bundled up in my brain I wanted to create a poster that struck the attention of the viewer to make them stop and think What if? I found it necessary to take items that are used everyday as a luxury, and show them as someone from a different country would.

As a class assignment you where able to use the Adobe Suite, so to make y piece I used Adobe Illustrator to create everything. The choice of using a faucet and cup is in relation to what I felt were items that people take for granted. By using the faucet close up I wanted people to pay attention to the picture of the dirty water to see that being a problem. The quote beside the picture also lets the viewer know what the issue is about, which is, dirty water. The poster that displays the cup was another way I wanted to show the seriousness of the dirty water issues. By using the cup and the quote that lets people know that 800 million don't have access to clean drinking water I feel, that also will speak to the viewer. I like to create simply work, that translate a strong message across to have people think of everyday life and the different they could make.