Urban Village: It takes a village to raise a child


Urban Village is a non-profit organization that is targeted to African American males in different cities in the United States. The organization is aiming to reach and rebuild black males so they will be able to live better lifestyles physically, emotionally and financially. Urban Village encourages strong relationships between staff and members because they believe every young male deserves a chance to excel in life.

Key facts

  • All boy organization that offers life changing services
  • Different locations to reach large amount
  • Organization for minorities


  • Teach young men how to build a financial foundation so they can spend their money wisely to take care of themselves and their families
  • Provide young men with educational and professional mentors for academic and work force help.
  • Create a safe environment where the young men are able to actively involve themselves in activities, which will lead to a better lifestyle and state of mind.

Target Audience

  • The Lost Souls
    • Males
    • 8-26 years old
    • Interested in materialistic things

The lost souls are males with no sense of direction who are trying to find their way into manhood. They tend to worry about their social status and how they look, oppose to what really matters to make a difference in their communities. Lost souls interests consist of females, money and what looks good in order to stand out. Lost souls are curious about life but tend to deal with situations in the wrong way

Primary Message

It takes a village to raise a child. Join Urban Village.


The text for the organizations/company must stay in the same format it is intended. There is a color palate that also needs to the followed for identity purposes, each city has a different color.

Tone and Execution

The tone of the organization will be masculine by using masculine colors and text. The word “urban” is to look rough to appeal to the male audience living in the urban area of the city.

Competitive Audience

Urban Village is one of many male organizations but the difference is the look and execution of the brand to reach young men.


  • Brand manual
  • Identification systems
  • Apparel