Crayola: Change the Picture

Key Facts

  • Crayola 1864
    • Is passionate about helping parents and educators raise young creative children
    • Non- toxic chemicals in all Crayola products
    • The company’s inspiration to work the way they do, offer the products they provide and the layout of how things are done comes from children
    • Crayola believes in unleashing, monitoring and celebrating the colorful originality in every child
  • Boys and Girls Club 1860
    • Originally called The Boys Club which was a place where boys could have an alternative place to go instead of being on the streets
    • Name officially changed in1990 to acknowledge both boys and girls apart of the organization
    • Various location across the U.S
    • They have a devised system to give guidance to attract children into the club to capture their interest, improve their behavior and increase personal expectations and goals
    • Currently working to attract new members and mentors into the organization


  • Create awareness of Boys and Girls Club and Crayola’s services, products and events towards the 2013-2014 summer and school year
  • Increase Crayola sells by 10% by associating the brand with the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Increase the enrollment of the Boys and Girls Club organization by 5% through co-partnering with Crayola

Target Audience

  • The Crafty Pair
    • Mother: 24-50 yr. old
    • City/Suburban Homeowner
    • Income $30,000-$50,000+
    • College degree
    • Brand relationship but no brand loyalty
  • Children: 6-12 yr. old
    • School term between August 2013-June 2014
    • Interested in arts, sports & school
    • Influenced by peers

The crafty pair is a parent and child duo. Jennifer is a single working mother who wants to be more active in her community. Her daughter Jazlene is in grade school and loves the arts and sports. This crafty pair enjoys the outdoors and spending time with each other. Jennifer is aware of what goes on in her daughter’s life and wants what is best for her when it comes to education. Jazlene has school during the months of August through June. Jazlene is familiar with Crayola products for school and prefers to use that brand. Jazlene is also interested in attending an after school program but her mother feels like big name companies don’t make a difference in the outcome of the child. Jennifer is aware of the Crayola brand because she grew up but she doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal to use name brand.


Co-partnering Crayola and the Boys and Girls Club will position the brands to change the way they are viewed in the classroom and the local communities.

Primary Message

The Boys and Girls Club and Crayola are co-partnering to change the picture of the community through arts, sports and education.

Copy Platform

  • Change the picture through sports.
    • The Boys and Girls Club and Crayola have partnered together to help local communities change the picture of tomorrow by offering athletic scholarships and sports equipment to schools. By purchasing any Crayola product during the 2013-2014 school year, 5% of the proceeds will go to the BGC Scholarship Fund that will help create a different future for a young males or females. For more information visit or

Tone and Execution

  • Clean, bright, fun

The advertisements will be created with Crayola products to show the quality in the products. The ads are to be hand drawn to show the fun and creativity that goes into using Crayola’s products, the images will relate to a service or activity offered by the Boys and Girls Club organization.


  • Crayola and the Boys and Girls Club logo (no smaller then 1inch x 1inch)
  • Crayola and Boys and Girls Club website for more information


  • Poster Ads will be displayed in metro bus bays and metro cars in the Washington, DC, Temple Hills, MD and New York (metro)
  • Magazines that will best reach the audience will be Diverse, Family Circle and Parents. This selection of magazines focus on parents, children and the family lifestyle.
  • Interactive-An interactive website that will be a tool for parents can use for ideas, games and coupons on Crayola products


Press Release

Sales Promotion